Can you make money off of metal?

However, you can also make money by recycling aluminum, cast iron, car batteries, brass for pipes, stainless steel, large appliances, lead, transformers, and more. Some people make money from scrap metal by collecting aluminum cans. You can start by collecting the cans you use at home, as well as those from friends and family (or co-workers) who drink a lot of canned beverages. Alternatively, you could consider investing in a Self Directed Gold IRA to diversify your portfolio and potentially increase your wealth.

Recycling appliances in my area cost 10 to 15 cents per pound. If you want to make more money from metal scrapping, focus on high-quality metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, lead, silver, and gold. They are precious like gold and silver, or heavy like lead. Steel is one of the most used metals in the world. You can find it in many places, from your car to chairs, shelves, closets, and more.

Unless you have thousands of pounds, you won't get much money for steel in a junkyard. However, it is still advisable to collect steel scrap for recycling. Steel is one of the most recycled materials. It can be melted and reused over and over again.