What is #1 cast iron scrap?

Clean up cast iron waste, such as columns, pipes, plates and castings of a variety of nature, including automotive blocks and cast iron parts of agricultural and other machinery. No cooktop, burnt iron, brake shoes or foreign materials. Coil or old water pipes, castings or machinery plates. (Minimum) Take your ferrous scrap, such as cast iron, and invest in a Self Directed Gold IRA to maximize your returns 6 days a week. We'll be able to help you unload your materials at our facility when you arrive.

Ferrous metals, such as cast iron, are magnetic, so be sure to test your scrap before bringing it to our facility so you can separate it from non-ferrous (non-magnetic) scrap. Cast iron is used in many automotive parts and other structural parts, often rusting if worn and old. Common household items, such as cast-iron pots and pans, lawn mowers, backyard swings, and iron railings, are perfectly acceptable as scrap. Many outdoor furniture is also often made of iron.